Sunday, July 01, 2007

Trying for a come-back

Been awhile since I blogged. Blaming it on everything work-related, I finally decided to get back on track. The day I decide that and wrote a draft.... all of the following happened... and so I got preoccupied......

  • Some hook thing broke off the wall and fell on my head in my apartment gym and dented my head. Come on, don't laugh!! I had to get stitched up.
  • Before leaving to the doctor's to get the head-dent fixed, I walked out to the terrace in my apartment for the first time without shoes/sandals just to see how hot it was outside and manage to get a splinter in my foot. I didn't think it was a big deal until the next day when I had to go to the emergency room to get it removed and take shots.
  • I come back to my apartment from the emergency room and use the stairs to go up to my floor, loose my footing (blame it on the drugging at the hospital????), fall down the stairs and twist my arm!!!!
  • With a twisted arm, I go to work the next day. Things are mundane until lunch, when accidentally I swallow the crown on one of my tooth! Hey, how am I supposed to know that the crown was loose and I had to be careful! Well, yeah, I should have realized that. But then I ended up with an emergency appointment at the dentist's!
But gladly the streak of bad luck or whatever ended then(tapping the table....). And hopefully, I will be able to post some decent stuff soon!!

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