Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Twisted Holed and Flat Unholed Donuts

Here's the scoop of what happened and what the title is about.

One of my colleague's had come back from India after a vacation and my parents had sent some home-made munchies. Being a good girl and honestly thinking that (since some of my colleagues wereon site and the office wasn't too crowded that day) I could make it home with at least half of what my parents had sent, I did it.

I opened one packet each of thattai and murukku and asked my lead engineer to try it. Being a monstrous fan of anything Indian, he willingly obliged and as usually asked about the making procedure, ingredients, etc. I tried to explain the making procedure, whats the occasion and festival associated with it and such details. He got interested. When a couple other people stopped by his desk, he explained what the munchies were about. They asked the name of the item and repeated it. It was a total OHT.

A few minutes passed and I get an email from my lead engineer, which was also copied to everyone in our department. Subject of the email was "Twisted Holed and FlatUnholed Donuts - Straight from India" and the body of the email was to come to my desk for the supplies. Thanks to that, I couldn't bring anything back home and the whole package was emptied at work. But I couldn't get the twisted holed (murukku) and flat unholed (thattai) donut description from the corner of my head and so the post!!!


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