Friday, February 09, 2007

Are WE proud?

Considering the Indian population at large, I never thought we were/are a proud race. But then, I came across this article and for some reason felt more humiliated than I should have!!

I still don't comprehend the intention of the author. Moreover, what kind of people would actually google for India being a super-power. Don't we know we are not yet there?? And, is it not true that we are just striving to get there??

Well, anyways, the article irked me and so just wanted to share!!


Aravindan said...

enna maa blog ezhuthave maatengara?

Zeppelin said...

Life is perhaps not as mystical as it

Zeppelin said...

taruna - thanks for visiting my blog and the "wonderful" comment! really appreciate it!

i happened to read through your blog updates recently I guess?

umm..sorry for the long comment.. :D

Kirthi said...

Just like our Indian cricket team we have individual stars in our economy too. There was an article on the most number of billionaires in world originating from India.

Taruna said...

@ Ara
Yeah..trying to get back on track!!

Life is still mystical... but I am a little too busy to notice it!!

Yeah, while on one hand we have such achievements, on the other, we are not doing so good!!